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Zero Waste Europe
Founded atNetherlands
Purposewaste prevention
HeadquartersChaussee de Vleurgat 15
  • 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
Region served
Membership (2020)
31 national and local NGOs
Executive Director
Joan Marc Simon
Associate Director
Esra Tat
Rossano Ercolini, Xiaowei Liu, Huub Scheele, Elena Rastei, Antigone Dalamaga, Alexandra Aubertin
Main organ
ZWE Board

Zero Waste Europe network promotes and advocates Zero Waste principles with the vision of eliminating waste in our society.[1]


Zero Waste principles are practiced in industry, commerce, institutions and households.

Purpose of Zero Waste Europe

The vision of Zero Waste Europe is: "To empower communities and change agents from around Europe to redesign their relationship with resources, to adopt smarter lifestyles and sustainable consumption patterns in line with “circular” resource management."[1]

History of Zero Waste Europe

The Zero Waste movement began spreading in the last years of the 20th century and gained mommentum in the first decade of the 21st. In Europe, the network started in 2008 and it was formally registered as a foundation in 2013, strategising a plan for a zero waste future.

Scope of Zero Waste Europe


In 2020, Zero Waste Europe website listed as members 31 national and local NG0s in almost every European country.

Initiatives in numbers

Zero Waste Europe by countries

Albania Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus
Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus
Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France
Georgia Germany Greece Hungary Iceland
Ireland Italy Kazakhstan Latvia Liechtenstein
Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Moldova Montenegro
Netherlands North Macedonia Norway Poland Portugal
Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Sweden Switzerland Ukraine UK

Other countries

Zero Waste International Alliance lists organisations on all continents.[2] Another very active global network is GAIA (Global Anti Incineration Alliance).

Organisations and companies can often be found across the globe that put zero waste principles in practice without being officially linked to any official network.

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Numbers of people involved, and indirect beneficiaries

Impacts of Zero Waste Europe

Ecological impacts

Social impacts

Economic impacts

Impacts in other dimensions

Research on Zero Waste Europe


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