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Long-term very low-level contributor to Wikipedia and and perhaps more significantly a major contributor to the P2P Foundation wiki: and

On balance in my opinion the P2P Foundation Wiki is a great piece of work, but suffers from a lack of engaged contributors, which I have been mentioning for a long time. Personally, i don't think that the recent work on Identity Politics there really belong -- see the point I made in March:

This is another reason in my mind for coordinating and cross-linking wikis better. If one wiki is less than fully adequate in one area, then let's point to a better one. We can't get them all perfect all the time. To this end I am currently investigating wiki interoperability in the context of living knowledge commons. A current presentation (June 2021) on this is on my YouTube channel:

However, when I become aware of a good coop-run alternative to YouTube, I'll move it there! (Please let me know :-) )

I have talked with Tom Henfrey :-)

My e-mail address is on my home page