Transformative Education Community of Practice

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The Transformative Education Community of Practice is a transnational Community of practice (CoP) of ECOLISE members, who work together on transformative learning for the Social-ecological transition.


The CoP's purpose is to empower people and communities to become co-creators of life-affirming, regenerative futures. Their work is located in the field of transformative learning for the social-ecological transition with special focus on community-led initiatives, activists and engaged citizens in Europe. Their primary target group of practitioners are adult educators, facilitators, trainers, coaches, mentors, educational programme developers and coordinators, managers of educational providers, educational innovators and educational researchers and other related professionals with experience or interest in supporting the social-ecological transition through leading-edge approaches of individual and collective learning.


The CoP engages in co-designing, developing, delivering, evaluating, improving, synergizing and spreading transformative learning opportunities that

  • are internally and externally healing.
  • are socially inclusive, and economically viable.
  • balance being, knowing and acting.
  • thrive on the basis of the uniqueness and diversity of people communities and places.
  • activate collective wisdom.

Tools they use are

  • sharing of experiences, practices, contexts, projects and programmes supportive of transformative learning.
  • developing fundable collaborative projects.
  • co-creating a joint platform supporting collaboration, resourcing and service delivery of educational professionals and providers in this domain.
  • building and cultivating a shared knowledge base of methods, tools, case studies, research evidence etc.
  • shaping and testing a joint quality development framework.
  • prototyping innovative blended learning pathways that synergize place-based and online learning.
  • building capacity for cross-movement, cross-sector, cross-border and cross-level (local to global) collaboration.
  • prototyping approaches that support accelerated social and organisational learning in multi-stakeholder networks and the emergence of ‘transformative ecosystems’.


The CoP has launched or is currently launching several projects.

Current projects
  • Blended Adult Learning for Social-ecological Transition (BLAST), 2019-2021
  • 52 Climate Actions, 2017-2020 and beyond
Past projects