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Background & aim: started beginning of 2019. want to work with 20 local communities in a region, to apply ecovillage development tools, without imposing anything, but looking at which wisdom and activities are already there (gardens, community interest companies, working on mental health, etc). Bringing tools like ecovillage cards and map of regeneration to look at issues they are facing, their culture of place, to support them to become more regenerative from the bottom up.

Scope: from 20 meetings, select and support 3 projects with consultancy to grow into their highest potential. Want to put them on the map, make visible what they can achieve.

Partners from Norway & Germany to look at communities and exchange experiences peer to peer.


  • language - not everyone used to notion of “sustainability”. can be difficult to get people to prioritize to join first meeting.
  • lesson: Important to tune into what’s important to them and bring them along the journey, not push them on a journey: align with their priorities. be aware of perceptions that can be barrieres: seen as rich eco-hippies.
  • A lot of siloeing, not really connecting
  • lack of funding, budget cuts,
  • Brexit, people leaving the country.
  • lesson: face to face pre-meetings before a training to align on needs and meet them at the level they are at.

Tom Henfrey (talk) 10:43, 23 September 2019 (CDT)