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User: Genny Carraro of GEN, in conversation with User: Tom Henfrey on the way to the ECOLISE General Assembly 2018 identified the following key research needs for GEN: Share examples of successful collaboration between ecovillage projects and established institutions that could inform wider uptake/upscaling/outscaling of ecovillage and related approaches, particularly in urban areas and other locations accessible to the population in general: e.g.

  • Navarra government asking RIE to implement repopulation of abandoned villages according to ecovillage standards of sustainability and social processes of community-building.
  • Mondeggi terre comuni: citizen takeover of regionally-owned land and building to create a new community and spread benefits to wider population.
  • Valle di gli Elfi community of 250 people in Tuscany mountains, on occupied land, in discussion with local authorities over recognition of their status and rights as custodians of the land.
  • Attempts in Granada to place refugees in semi-rural village, in order to integrate them and make their knowledge available to resident populations
  • German programme (with institutional funding) for ecovillages to bring ideas about sustainable lifestyles into traditional rural villages
  • New ecovillage (450 people) in Denmark being initiated by Ross Jackson and and Camilla Nielsen-Englyst, with government support, in recognition of established expertise in facilitating social aspects of creating sustainable communities.
  • Suderbyn (Sweden) obtained municipal approval for installation of biogas digester for their own use.
  • Kassel - cooperation among five different eco-communities across the city seeking to work together and share projects, skills, labour and resources.