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Values of sustainability, justice and care, in the context of accelerating social and ecological degeneration, oblige us to move from exploitation to regeneration as the cultural premise for human societies. Regenerative cultures take many different forms, rooted in place and responsive to local and regional environmental, ecological, economic, social, and cultural conditions. They represent diverse possible responses to current crises, and indicate potential trajectories towards human presence on earth becoming something that safeguards and enriches the biosphere.

From Sustainability to Regeneration

Regenerative Development Approach

Connect with Regenerative Development page.

See more at Regenerative Development at the Neighborhood Scale

Key Patterns

In order to local systems to be alive, several patterns (capabilities and capacity) need to exist and expand, in order CLIs and municipalities to be aligned, synergetic and complementary (see full list here):


  • Will/Being/Function
  • Nested Wholes


Case studies

Loreto Bay, Mexico (Sea of Cortez)

Brattleboro Co-op (link to webpage)

Casa Mendes Gonçalves (PT)

Pathways towards a Local Regenerative Development

Participate in European based courses on Regenerative Development. See more here.

Based on the above, we make concrete proposals. Is this suppose to be here or elsewhere?



Other Resources

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