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European Federation of Citizen Energy Cooperatives
REScoop logo.png
Formation2013; 8 years ago (2013)
FounderDirk Vansintjan
Founded atAntwerp, Belgium
TypeNGO, Cooperative
Purposerenewable energy, eommunity energy
HeadquartersPosthoflei 3
  • 2600 Berchem, Belgium
Membership (2020)
1500 energy cooperatives
Dirk Vansintjan
Main organ
General Assembly appoints Board of Directors

REScoop is a cooperative


REScoop stands for for Renewable Energy Source Cooperative. The aim is to strengthen the local economy, inclusion of citizens in energy projects, making such investments accessible and caring for local communities.

Purpose of RESCoop

REScoop's objectives are to[1]:

*represent the voice of citizens and energy cooperatives to European policy makers
*support starting and established energy cooperatives and provide them with tools and contacts to help them grow and prosper
*facilitate international exchanges and cooperation between energy cooperatives
*promote the cooperative business model in the energy sector

History of RESCoop

REScoop has started in 2011 and was legally established as a Belgian not-for-profit association in 2013.

Narrative of change

Read more about the concept of narrative of change.

Scope of RESCoop

Community energy cooperatives follow a business model where citizens control an enterprise that works on renewable energy or energy efficiency. It's not only about sustainable energy production, but just as much about efficiency:

The cleanest, cheapest and most sustainable energy is the energy that is not used or needed in the first place.[2]

The goal is to achieve an equilibrium between consumption and renewable production. Energy efficiency includes energy savings, energy sobriety and energy solidarity.


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Impacts of RESCoop

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