Highland Perthshire Cycling

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Highland Perthshire Cycling (HPC) is a community-led mobility initiative in Scotland, UK.

HPC aims at encouraging local residents and visitors to Perthshire (a rural and mountainous region in Scotland), to get out of their cars and onto bikes and their feet for shorter journeys, with a focus on individual towns and villages in the region. It started by organising special events like a ‘woman only’ race and an extreme mountain bike race.

HPC promotes partnerships and works with local tourism businesses, including restaurants, hotels and motels, to help them provide adequate facilities for cyclists. It has pioneered the idea of 'cycle friendly communities' in Scotland and a cycle festival which has been replicated in other parts of Scotland.

HPC has won several grants, including from the Scottish Government, the Climate Challenge Fund, Perth and Kincross Council, Cycling Scotland and Sustrans, and has also relied on some volunteers. It achieved charity status in 2013. It works currently with a management committee and employs one full-time and two part-time paid staff.

HPC was the subject of case study research in the TESS EU research project.