European Day of Sustainable Communities

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European Day of Sustainable Communities
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Date(s)19 September 2020; 16 months ago (2020-09-19)
Years active4
Celebration of the European Day of Sustainable Communities in Romania.

The European Day of Sustainable Communities is a celebration of local communities taking action for a better, more sustainable world. It gives local communities an opportunity to join with others to showcase their work and inspire the wider public.[1]

The European Day of Sustainable Communities was first held in 2017. That year communities and organisations from 15 countries across Europe held registered events. In 2018 and 2019, participation had experienced a substantial increase to 27 countries. In 2020, due to COVID-19 many events have been canceled or moved online, but still, there were a few hundred communities from 16 countries organised their events in spite of difficulties.

In 2017 the day was also marked by a conference on sustainable communities in Brussels, hosted by ECOLISE in partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee. In 2018, ECOLISE co-hosted a second conference on the theme of municipalities and community-led initiatives, in collaboration with the Municipalities in Transition project. In 2020, the EDSC was followed by the launching of the Communities for Future programme with a .