Ecological integrity

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  • Economic system based on a capitalistic, big companies with negative externalities
  • Focus on growth on a limited planet.
  • Assumption that consuming more makes you happy and that we are not connected to nature, anthropocentrism


  • Model of being connected to nature (by positive examples of sustainable happy living)
  • Economic proof that another way if living is on the long term more, lore profitable, creating jobs and good for humans, nature and future
  • Adding all the external costs to price of goods and services (cheap coal mining...)
  • Circular economy
  • Organic production of food
  • Exchange GDP for other indexes, taking account of happiness, welfare, health

Impacts and Indicators

  • Ultimate success - sustainable living
  • Biodiversity growth
  • Less pollution (no plastic...)
  • Carbon free
  • People working more together, less individualism
  • Less criminality
  • Resilient communities