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These are active and past projects wherein ECOLISE had a meaningful role and projects, relevant for this wiki. At the end we list relevant case studies too.

Projects initiated and/or lead by ECOLISE

Projects in which ECOLISE was a partner

Projects with ECOLISE members as partners

Other projects of interest

  • ENABLE: Enabling the Energy Union
  • SMARTEES: Local Social Innovation (ICLEI Europe among partners)

Individual studies in TRANSIT project

Studies in Municipalities in Transition

A case study in GLAMURS project

Individual case studies in ARTS, accelerating transitions project

Case studies in RELOCAL project

    • Transition Town Totnes
    • Vauban ecodistrict
    • Hagaby ecovillage (Sweden)
    • Climate-friendly Wekerle (Hungary) - see Transition Wekerle below

Case studies on Transformative Cities

Atlas of Utopias contains mostly European finalists from 2018 and 2019 - there are more projects in the database:

Communities/ecovillages with existing case studies

Other studies

Themed studies