Collectif pour une Transition Citoyenne

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Collectif pour une Transition Citoyenne
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FormationAugust 22, 2015; 6 years ago (2015-08-22)
Founded atVaux-en-velin
Legal statusAssociation
  • Rennes, France
Region served
France, Europe
Official languages
Julie Noé
Main organ


The Collectif pour une Transition Citoyenne brings together 29 organizations involved in ecological, social and democratic transition. The Collective’s action is based on two projects: the Fête des Possibles, an annual event that celebrates community-led action (and which is part of the European Day of Sustainable Communities) and the Pacte pour la transition. Both projects focus on change at the local level, somewhere between the neighborhood and department level.

Purpose of Collectif pour une Transition Citoyenne

The CTC follows and promote the principles of the Transition Pact among it's member organizations in French. The CTC members meet in a general assembly every quarter, plus a weekly meeting with administrators who are mostly also tied to member organizations (rather than "exclusive" network secretariat staff people.) There is not a distinct division about decisions taken at these levels of administration or GA, but generally overall strategy related to transition and org goals is determined my GA with admins and specific work teams following up on day to day decisions. Many administrators work for other organizations which actually pay them, for example, to work on projects like lFdP who are represented in the general assembly. Next week (Oct 3-8) will be the next general assembly, and they are considering the next year's of strategy and considering upcoming French elections and EU climate pact. They can measure their changes based on numbers of people involved, events organized, which is also how they make decisions in the network, reorient strategy in addition to funders' reports.

History of Collectif pour une Transition Citoyenne

The first board of directors was made up of the following members:-

  • l’association Bio Consom’acteurs (as supporting member),
  • l’association l’âge de faire (supporting member),
  • l’association Énergie Partagée (supporting member),
  • l’association Réseau Cocagne (supporting member),
  • l’association Les Amis de la Terre (supporting member),
  • l’association Artisans du Monde (supporting member),
  • l’association Villes et Territoires en Transition (supporting member),
  • l’association Terre de Liens (supporting member),
  • l’association Le Labo de l’ESS (supporting member),
  • la coopérative de la Nef (supporting member),
  • la coopérative d’intérêt collectif Enercoop (supporting member),

as well as Mr Jacques Blanc as a qualified person and as a supporting member.

Scope of Collectif pour une Transition Citoyenne

Next big steps for '22 : lauching the project "Territories of Experimentation", and designing advocacy campaings for the presidential and legislative elections in France in April and July.





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