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Amularra (which means "Mother Earth" in Euskera/Basque) is a community project that originated in the early 1990s as a "dream of living together and unity". Today it consists of three intentional communities located in Spain, in Artzentales (Bizkaia Province), Caparacena (Granada Province) and Can Cases (Barcelona Province), in which around 100 people explore alternative forms of communal living.[1]

Since 2014 Amalurra has taken part in the European project NEZEH (Near Zero Energy Hotels). This has allowed it to implement various measures, which have led to an estimated 50% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions:

  • Replacement of a propane system for domestic hot water and space heating with a biomass 'district heating' system;
  • Use of renewable electricity supplied by certified distributors;
  • Onsite composting of organic waste;
  • Recycling building wastes for making furniture;
  • Insulation of key facilities;
  • Installation of LED lighting.

According to the NEZEH website, Amalurra's hotel facility has achieved energy savings of 65 per cent, and a 61 per cent share of renewable energy usage.[2]

Amularra hosted the 2017 ECOLISE General Assembly.