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There are seven metatemplates in the Module:Message box family:
  • {{Ambox}}, for messageboxes on article pages.
  • {{Cmbox}}, for messageboxes on category pages.
  • {{Imbox}}, for messageboxes on file (image) pages.
  • {{Tmbox}}, for messageboxes on talk pages.
  • {{Fmbox}}, for header and footer messageboxes.
  • {{Ombox}}, for messageboxes on other types of page.
  • {{Mbox}}, for messageboxes that are used in different namespaces and change their presentation accordingly.

Closely related metatemplates:

  • {{Asbox}}, for messageboxes in article stubs.
  • {{Dmbox}}, for messageboxes on disambiguation or set-index pages.
  • {{Ivmbox}}, a simple full-width box with default ivory background intended to frame important messages or notices.

Templates intended to be used in conjunction with Mboxes:

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