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====Why another wiki? Isn't Wikipedia enough? Why don't we just make new articles on Wikipedia?====
====Why another wiki? Isn't Wikipedia enough? Why don't we just make new articles on Wikipedia?====

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Frequently asked questions about CfF wiki

Below you'll find our answers to most common users' and editors' questions.

Why another wiki? Isn't Wikipedia enough? Why don't we just make new articles on Wikipedia?

Specialised wikis serve a purpose and that's evident from how many there are:

Notice that CfF wiki is not listed there (yet!). Once the bulk of our articles are representable, we'll suggest that our wiki be added.

The organisation of data at CfF wiki is similar to Wikipedia, but the scope of the CfF library is focused on community-led action. The Wikipedia article on Permaculture, for example, will give you broad information, while CfF wiki article on permaculture focuses on movement, people, community engagement, organisation and their societal impacts.

An important difference between CfF wiki and Wikipedia is that we encourage contributions from the inside members of community-led initiatives. Articles may be presented from the first-person point of view (subjective) but we do expect contributors to back up their text with good references.

Can we add copy&paste text from articles on Wikipedia?

In principle, yes, as long as the text is appropriately marked and referenced to accommodate Creative Commons licenses. The whole point of knowledge commoning is that you can source all wikis contents with appropriate attribution.

In practice, please avoid copying long passages of text from Wikipedia to avoid duplication. In your article, please focus on "community-led action" and add references to Wikipedia articles with short excerpts when needed to add a broader context. If something is already described in detail on Wikipedia, there's no need to duplicate it. Just refer to it in your article with a short excerpt from Wikipedia.

It is a good practice to check what's already there at Wikipedia and avoid repetition. You may also check other wikis, for example the Appropedia. Understanding what's already in other wikis, you can better shape your article within the boundaries of "community-led action".

How do you decide which movements, networks, organisation and theories are presented at the CfF wiki?

There needs to be some community-led action with sustainability within its scope. Communities don't need to be compact groups in physical space but may be dispersed and based on online collaboration.

We include articles on major influential theories and schools of thought that community-led action relies upon.

Is there content at CfF wiki in other languages than in English?

This is envisioned in the future. If knowledge curators have editors and enough content, they can create subpages in their own language from an initial wiki page in that language. Please communicate your intention with CfF wiki curators and we will find the best way to integrate non-English content.

Is there a way to search for content using keywords?

One way is to add categories at the end of your article. All the articles that belong to a certain category will appear when you click on that category.

Another way is to use phrases explicitly, making them easier to find with the internal search available in the navigation bar at the left.