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This is the main landing page for Mario M. Yanez's PhD research titled, Coming Back to Life: Re-Awakening Aliveness via Radical Participation in Ecosocial Complexity.

This re-search explores how we know and see our Universe, how we think of it and ourselves in relation to it, and how that creates the very reality we experience. It explores what it means to be fully human --to participate radically in the extraordinarily glorious and cosmic complexity we call Life.

To accomplish this, the re-search follows the emergence of ideas over time as they make their appearance and self-organize in the noosphere, the realm of ideas. This realm is inhabited by ideas- beings that that have a certain kind of Life. They are born, they evolve and individuate, some die. These idea beings radiate through particular human beings. These human beings in the process of individuating focus attention, energy and caring in the relentless attempt to understand some portion of our Universe (and ourselves within it) in order to expand the Universe of the known. The receive ideas in the form in-sights --images of the otherwise invisible workings of all sorts of phenomena, be it large or small.

The "Re" is purposefully highlighted throughout by the use of hyphenated words [reference EM] because it is indicative of the an underlying quality of Life. Complex systems, due to their nature, are in constant organization and re-organization -- they emerge, degenerate, regenerate, and evolve into higher-orders of complexity. As humans, we (on the whole) are operating a dominant mode of being that has set itself apart from, and is is forcefully de-generative to living systems. It is posited by a growing body of thinkers that our mode of being human is devastatingly limited by simplified and fragmented modes of thinking which continually bring about a diminished reality: a very impoverished relations between humans, and between humans and living systems they are integrally a part of --regardless of how unrecognized and unrealized this integration is.

This re-search is not solely a historical or archeological endeavor. Nor are we doing research gratuitously. We will pay special attention to the process of organization in the noosphere, a space of continual re-organization and re-generation, so we can understand and activate a different mode of being human: one that honors and lives into the wondrous and glorious complexity of Life, in a manner which is conducive to its re-generative capacity which sustains and re-news all manner of Being in our Universe.