International Permaculture Education Network

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The International Permaculture Education Network (IPEN) was formed to increase the coherence and effectiveness of the permaculture education network internationally. It's primary focus has been on creating and supporting innovations in permaculture education systems, to help generate more entry points and fill gaps in permaculture learning pathways, and to provide examples of good practice through it's website.

IPEN is a partner in three EU funded Erasmus+ projects:

  • BLAST - focused on enabling blended transformative learning for socio-ecological transition through production of a Community of Practice (CoP) Guide, online toolkit, competency framework and train the trainer programme;
  • Community Climate Coaches - focused on developing a new role of Community Climate Coaches (CCCs), establishing a training system and support system for CCCs including a toolkit and guide to good practice in community climate action, mapping of community climate action initiatives - the project will establish initial cohorts of CCCs in its eight partner countries;
  • iACT - focused on developing a blended training and support system for regenerative / sustainability learning and demonstration centres - centres for Activating Collective Transformation - including a toolkit and guide to good practice.

IPEN's coordination team is actively involved in working with the Permaculture Associations of Britain and South Australia, the European Permaculture Network and Permatil (Timor L'Este), and its work to promote the Tropical Permaculture Guidebook.